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Server adress: MC.INSPRILL.NET




#1:  Scamming is not allowed (including /ah scamming and shop sign scamming)
#2:  Griefing is not allowed.
#3:   Tp killing/trapping is disallowed.
#4:   Hacked clients, illegal modifications, and macros are strictly disallowed, no exceptions.
#5:   Abuse of bugs or glitches is disallowed. (Example: Duping).
#6:   Inappropriate buildings are disallowed.
#7:   Inappropriate claiming (claiming right next to someone just to annoy them) is not allowed. 


About us

At Insprill we strive to provide the best playing experience for all players! Featuring Factions, Skyblock, Survival, and many more, including mini games such as Bedwars and our own custom Warfield! The server is currently on Minecraft version 1.15.2 but we still have the old 1.8 combat mechanics while also having all the new blocks! If you experience any issues please contact us on Discord or Twitter.

Terms Of Service

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