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Factions  is a gamemode where you build you base by yourself or with others,  raid others bases, and try to become the most powerful faction on the server!


#1: Checkboxes are entirely disallowed (This includes wall streaming & or using alts to hear TNT on your wall)

#2: Scamming is allowed, however, scams involving Irl money or items is not allowed.

#3: Extending buffers using an alt faction is disallowed.

#4 Using hacked clients is disallowed.

#5 Raid alters/tnt detectors (and similar mods/bots) are disallowed. Bots such as a Discord Reminder Bots are allowed.

#6 Tp Trapping is allowed.

#7 Console clients are allowed, however, abuse of console clients (Having macros/scripts tied to the console client to spam or give an unfair advantage) (This also includes using ANY bots that may allow you to macro e.g OQMinebot, Using this will result in a perm ban even if you aren't using its features) is strictly disallowed.

#8 Ally raiding is strictly prohibited if you are doing it with extra f perms or in any way you wouldn't normally be able to as a neutral/enemy

Note: Factions resets yearly starting 1/1/20


About us

At Insprill we strive to provide the best playing experience for all players! Featuring Factions, Skyblock, Survival, and many more, including mini games such as Bedwars and our own custom Warfield! The server is currently on Minecraft version 1.15.2 but we still have the old 1.8 combat mechanics while also having all the new blocks! If you experience any issues please contact us on Discord or Twitter.

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