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Welcome to Insprill!

Beta 2020 Coming Soon!

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Latest bit of progress 01/25/20

Beta 1.7

Released: 10/16/19


-Fixed issue where players could have rank on on server but not another

-Fixed chat being spammed with messages to join our discord - it now selects a random message

-A few other small bug fixes


-Fixed [Reloading...] being right against gun name in Warfield when reloading


Beta 1.6

Released: 10/12/19

-Fixed a lot of issues with guns in Warfield (not being able to shoot  while in sights,  resource  pack issues, etc)

-Added /playtime to all servers

-Fixed some tpa commands on Factions

-Fixed some servers having a different amount of maximum players

-Re-added 1.9 combat mechanics to Survival

-Cleaned up tab list and changed a few things on it depending on the server

-Updated  the boss bar  message in the 2 Lobby servers

-Added /ignore

-A few other small changes, bug fixes, etc


Beta 1.5.3

Released: 10/07/19

-Fixed issue where only 1 CPU was being used (Even less lag)


Beta 1.5.2

Released: 10/05/19

-Upgraded CPU's (Major performance improvements, a lot less lag)

-Replace Time with Cords on the TAB list on Factions


Go to the updates page to view the full list.


About us

At Insprill we strive to provide the best playing experience for all players! Featuring Factions, Skyblock, Survival, and many more, including mini games such as Bedwars and our own custom Warfield! The server is currently on Minecraft version 1.15.2 but we still have the old 1.8 combat mechanics while also having all the new blocks! If you experience any issues please contact us on Discord or Twitter.

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